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Meet Michele

Growing up in central Pennsylvania, we have always had pets in my family. We had rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats and dogs. My first dog was Sampson, who was a beautiful Irish Setter. He taught me that while it's fun to have a family pet to snuggle with, they also need exercise and his case, a lot of exercise. He had boundless energy and it really took patience

(and strength!) to teach him how to walk on a leash. Once he was trained to walk properly on

a leash, it made our daily walks much more enjoyable! He only lived 10 short years (he had a

heart defect that went undetected) but all of them happy, loved and cherished.

I went on to have several dogs in my family over the years, all of them so different but all hold a special place in my heart. It's incredible to think about what each dog has taught me over the years. My husband and I adopted Carly, when she was about 2 years old from a rescue in Colorado. She was living on a farm in Kansas and was placed in a shelter because they had no use for her in their breeding operation for reasons we never knew. The shelter called the rescue in Colorado to see if they wanted this beautiful dog. The rescue had a network of local truck drivers who would pick up dogs in shelters and drive them to fosters in Colorado. The foster fell in love with our Carly, because she even though she had been abused and recently been through so much, she was willing to trust another human again. She had a double ear infection and was spayed at the shelter, so she weak and tired and so dirty. We picked her up from the rescue and Carly was so sad and really wanted to be left alone. We gave her space when she wanted it and I would take her out on the horse trails and run with her. She always looked so happy when she was running. It took about a full year + to really relax around us. That is when she started the head nod, which we all learned. She threw her head in one direction if she needed to go out, another direction for fresh water in her bowl and one for when she thought she deserved a treat. She always deserved a treat! When we lost our sweet Carly to cancer, she was so beloved by friends and family, we received lots of kind cards and gifts. It was just a testament to how special she was.

We now live in Yardley, Pa since 2010, and I have decided to start my own dog walking business because of my love of dogs and all animals. We currently have two rescue dogs in our family, Hana and Potter. I hope that I can earn your trust by taking care of and walking your furry family members. I promise to love them like I love my own!

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